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Women & Weight Lifting – What are We so Afraid of?

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weight lifting

By Christine Ardigo MSRD

My First Experience with Weights

Many years ago, too many to count, I belonged to an all woman’s gym. I’d strut in with my fluorescent orange leotard, tie dye bike shorts and perfect white Reeboks and head straight to the aerobics room. My friend and I parked ourselves in the front of the class to get a good view of the teacher. Freestyle music blasted from her Boombox and after carefully following her choreographed dance steps, our arms flailing overhead, we left thinking we transformed our bodies.

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35 Healthy Snacks

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By Christine Ardigo MSRD

Want to know the best snack to eat? That’s easy. One that’s nutritious and you enjoy. I know, you’re thinking, well no duh. But for many of us it’s not that simple. Choking down a dry rice cake or a bag of potato chips seems like the norm. Sure they’re quick and easy but what are you getting out of them? Nothing.

The Problem with Most Snacks

The majority of snacks fool you into thinking they’ll cure your grumbling stomach, but an hour later you’re searching in the fridge again, never really satisfied . Why? Most snacks lack fiber and protein, or any nutrients at all. Fiber and protein take longer to digest, therefore keep you feeling full longer. Plus you’re wasting calories on junk food and leaving little room for the foods your body needs. Snacks are a great way to sneak in the foods you might have missed at your regular meals.                                                              . Read More

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Facing your Fears

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 By Christine Ardigo MSRD

What is Fear?

It’s really just an obstacle that prevents us from achieving our dreams. An illusion we create to make excuses for not trying new things. Is it really fear or excitement?

I always had a fear of heights and falling. Not sure if it’s that stomach-dropping feeling, not being in control, fearing pain, death? I remember hating when someone threw me in the air, tossed me overhead into the ocean, or pretended to drop me from a high altitude. (Okay it was only a few feet but still).

I hate roller coasters. I can do most of the slides at the water parks but spinning things? Freefalls? Upside down rides? Ah, no.

I receive a note in my mailbox the other day that I had a surprise present waiting for me on Sunday. Reservations were made and were nonrefundable. P.S. It would be the best five minutes of my life. I knew right away what it was.

Listen, when I lift weights, I don’t sweat. Thinking about my upcoming Sunday plans, I needed an entire bottle of anti-perspirant for the palms of my hands alone.                                                  . Read More

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