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How to Lose Weight When Food Pushers Get in the Way

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Beware of Food Pushers

You’re trying to lose weight but everywhere you go, there’s people pushing food in your face. “Try this cake I made.” “Don’t you like my cooking?” “What are you, on a diet again?” “Just this one time.” “It’s a special night, go for it.” What do you do when you finally decide to break your old habits, but those around you try to sabotage it? Here’s a list of top sabotagers and how to combat the threats.


If you have one of those offices where someone is always bringing in brownies or potato chips: Have a plan. Don’t let people tempt you. Think about the reason you’re at the celebration, don’t focus on the food. Make sure you eat a big and healthy enough breakfast so you’ll be less tempted. Don’t starve yourself because then you’ll definitely grab something off the table. Brush your teeth after breakfast and then you’ll be less likely to eat. If your co-workers force you, waste time getting yourself a glass of water, HOLD a plate of food, take a small nibble, fake it. Or, my favorite thing to do is tell it like it is. If you’re serious about changing your lifestyle, tell them the truth. Tell them how serious you are. Tell them you have a plan and how excited you are to stick with it. Ask them for help achieving your goals. Instead of feeling deprived, congratulate yourself on your willpower!

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Make a list and stick with it, is always the best advice. If you don’t have a list you’ll be tempted to go down every aisle so that you wont “forget anything.” Also, if you plan out your meals for the week in advance, it’ll force you to make a list so that you’ll pick up all the ingredients you need. And for God’s sake, EAT before you go, otherwise you’ll buy-up the entire store. If possible, don’t bring the kids! If you must, make lists for them and let them choose one or two things, only. This is a great opportunity to teach them about healthy foods, how to read a food label, and what junk food is. Buy them snacks that YOU don’t like. Stick to the perimeter of the store: Fruits & veggies, (linger in the produce aisle as much as possible – look for new items), meats, dairy, whole grains. Avoid the center aisles as much as possible, especially the cookie/crackers aisle, the ‘warm’ juice aisle (all sugar, not real juice) and the frozen food aisle with the prepackaged, processed, salty, fattening meals.

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In-Laws and Bosses

You don’t want to insult your in-laws or your boss, but what do you do when you know there’s going to be a firestorm of bad-eats? Offer to bring a healthy appetizer or dish that you know you can safely eat. Fill your plate with all the healthy food. Eat small portions of the fatty, sugary foods. Grab a small plate and fill with nutritious foods so that there will be no room left for their diet-destroying ones. If they are focusing on you, take a few bites and then put your fork down. If they question you, tell them it’s a health issue, ‘doctors’ (or dietitians) orders, or tell them you’ll be happy to take any leftovers home.

Dining Out

#1 rule of dining out: you NEVER know what you are really getting. As healthy as the meal sounds, it may be loaded with salt and oils. First, tell your partner your plan, (you have one, right?) and ask them to help you with your goal. Try not to order appetizers or dessert. Or you can share one. Or order one or the other, and then share that. When you’re at home do you usually have an appetizer or a large dessert? No. So don’t order one now. Your meal will be close to 1,000 calories anyway (if you’re lucky). Order a healthy meal but tell the server how you want it prepared. They ask you how you want your meat cooked so don’t panic about telling them how you want the rest of the food prepared. Stress: no added butter or oils. Salad dressings on the side. No bread/rolls. No salty chips. No alcohol. (Are you trying to lose weight or not, people?!!) If you only dine out once or twice a month, then splurge, but eat a healthy, filling, low-calorie, high protein, high fiber breakfast and lunch. Plan ahead, don’t just go out there and pig out!



Eat healthy and impress your date. Don’t fake it and eat a lame salad to look cool, and then go home and eat a 1/2 dozen donuts. Impress them with your knowledge. Inspire them with your goals. Motivate them to eat healthy too. Pick a healthy meal and modify it if needed. Don’t be afraid, but be a leader, and teach them what you’ve learned and they may follow. (Don’t be a know-it-all nag, though.)

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Bottom Line

You’re in control of your body and decisions. (Don’t we tell our kids this?) Don’t cave into peer pressure. Write out your plans, have a goal and stick to it!

What are your goals for this year? What’s your new plan?

I love hearing from you!

CHRISTINE ARDIGO – Author of Cheating to Survive & Every Five Years

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