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12 Inspirational Stories to Get You Off Your Butt

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By Christine Ardigo MSRD

Running, Biking, Swimming, so Many Races to Try! I’ve written many posts on weightlifting, my true love and passion for many reasons, like here and here and here. But cardio is just as important for our lungs and heart, therefore I dedicate this wonderful post to all of you that get out there and do it and to hopefully inspire those of you that don’t.

I ran three 5k races several years ago and loved the excitement surrounding the races. I completed a Spartan Race in April and a Mudd Run with my daughter in June. But to really inspire you, I am lucky enough to have 12 amazing people in my life that want to share their stories with you. Why they started entering races, what they felt like while training, and of course, what it felt like to complete a race. Without further ado, here are their stories. I hope it motivates you and moves you as much as it did me.                                                       Read More

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