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How Many Colors Did You Eat Today?? 5-9 Fruits & Veggies a Day

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By Christine Ardigo MSRD

How Many am I Supposed to Eat???

It’s recommended that we eat 5-9 fruits and vegetables every day. Every day. If you have 5 small meals a day, and have one at each meal, that’s five right there.  It’s entirely doable!

I counsel clients all the time and they tell me they eat plenty of fiber, but once we run down their usual list, it consists of some low fiber Cheerios, an apple with the skin peeled off and mashed potatoes at dinner. Women need 25 gms of fiber and men need 38 gms of fiber every day. Food labels will tell you how much fiber a product contains per serving. Although fruits and vegetables do not have labels, they are naturally high in fiber and for an added benefit, they provide water and fluid to keep all that fiber flowing smoothly though your intestines.

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