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Taking Control of Your Portion Sizes

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portion control

By Christine Ardigo MSRD

Take Control
Is this your idea of portion control: a sleeve of Oreos, a pint of ice cream, eating chips out of the bag until you’re full, placing enough food on your plate so the flowery print underneath no longer shows?

Does the idea of measuring your food in cups, counting grapes and weighing your meat when you made it through an exhausting day seem ridiculous? I don’t blame you. Especially when you’re dining out. What are you going to do, ask the waiter serving your glass of champagne at the wedding to bring a scale for your chicken masala? Ask the attendant at the buffet table for a measuring cup? Would you even know what a correct portion was if these accommodating individuals brought you these items?

And what about food labels? Does the gibberish on the side of that Lean Cuisine leave you wanting to run for more Oreos to calm your nerves? Does the order in which they list the ingredients indicate anything? What does “% daily value” even mean?

As registered dietitians, we tell people to watch their portions and read labels but how many of you know how? And what do you do when dining out?                                          . Read More

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