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Are you Tough Enough to Try a Mudd Run?

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Photo taken at 1:00  Register for Rugged Maniac at

By Christine Ardigo MSRD

Are you a Tough Mudder?

The same day that we completed our first Spartan Race, my friend Evelyn asked if I wanted to sign up for a Mudd Run. I hadn’t recovered from the Spartan race yet but I still had that post race high, so of course, I signed up!


My family had accompanied me to the Spartan Race to cheer me on and when I crossed the finish line, my fifteen year old daughter Ashley, was so pumped herself, she said she wanted to run one of these some day. When Evelyn asked me to do the Mudd Run, I noticed that teenagers were also allowed to participate. I asked Ashley if she wanted to try this with me and she couldn’t say yes fast enough.

I have to say, the Spartan race I trained for. I ran on the treadmill, I used the StairMaster, I ran up stairs, I used the rowing machines, lifted weights, jogged around the block, ran up and down bleachers with a twenty five pound vest on me, and I joined Crossfit for two months, which taught me to do burpees, flip 185lb tires, do box jumps and climb a rope. I was ready and prepared for whatever came my way.


For the Mudd Run though, since I was running it with my daughter and several other friends, I decided to just enjoy myself. No competition, no obtaining the ‘best’ time, I was so excited to have Ashley run with me, I just wanted us to have fun and share this day with her.

The day of the race, we felt no pressure, just pure excitement.   MudRaceJune2013_0009

We had a noon start time and the July 29th day was sunny and hot. We had no idea what we were up against because the trail started off in the distance, and continued out of sight. We got our bib numbers, grabbed our last sips of water and lined up, pumped and ready to go!

And then…..we were off! It hadn’t rained in a while and the initial start was over dusty, dirt trails and up and over hills that were hard to get a grip on. Climbing up was somewhat difficult but once we reached the top we realized: “how do you get down now!” It was a giant, dehydrated, desiccated slide down mounds of dirt and back up again.   MudRaceJune2013_0014

We ran over a large open field of pure asphalt and the sun beat down hard on us. We climbed up and over many wooden rails too.  1

And then we…..walked. We ended up walking the rest of the way. There were many obstacles and the sun was strong by mid afternoon. There was only one rest stop for water so we decided to enjoy the day together. We walked through tall grasses, climbed many wooden towers,  jumped over walls, hurdles, and over rope mazes. MudRaceJune2013_0022

We saw young and old, sprinters and walkers, men and women, even a man in full army gear tackling the trails.Photo taken at 12:58  Register for Rugged Maniac at

But what about the MUD?

We were wondering about that too.

And then there was mud. Lots of it. After walking for almost a half hour through barren asphalt, out in the open with no shade and several climbs, we were rewarded with pools of muddy water. We had to wade through them on our stomachs, balance across a narrow beam to prevent ourselves from falling in more muddy water and then had to dunk our entire heads underwater to get to the other side of a man made pool with four feet of muddy water.

Then it was all pure MUD. Photo taken at 1:00  Register for Rugged Maniac at      Photo taken at 1:00 Register for Rugged Maniac at Inside tunnels, under strings, and back out to the trails again.

We truly had a blast that day. We laughed and joked and cheered each other on. There was no competition with us, no pressure to finish at a certain time. It was a day of fun with my daughter and my friends and that was all that mattered. Yes there were some tough points, but we helped each other through and had an amazing day. Memories that we will never forget. Something that money cant buy.

After a good hour and a half, we neared the finish line and saw the mighty Mudd Slide before us. THIS WAS OUR REWARD! 1

Photo taken at 1:34  Register for Rugged Maniac at  2      MudRaceJune2013_0047copy3     4

Although not as tough as the Spartan Race, the Mudd Run was equally as fun. The Spartan Race was for me, to show how strong I could be, to show how fast I could compete. I trained and kicked ass! The Mudd Run though, was the most fun anyone could have with their child. We hope to do something like this every year, and when my youngest is old enough, she will join us too. MudRaceJune2013_0051copy

Have you ever completed a Tough Mudder or any other fun race?  Which ones?

Color runs, Zombie runs? And which ones were your favorite? Did you do it for fun or for pure competition?

Spring is here! Look up some races in your area and make a date with some friends and make some memories while you’re at it! And let me know all about it.

I love hearing from you!

Some Races to Try:

The Muddy Buddy

Run Ruckus

Tough Mudder

Warrior Dash

Spartan Race

MudRaceJune2013_0070copy ALL CLEAN!

The greatest compliment you can give me is when you share this with others.
I sincerely appreciate it:

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4 Thoughts on “Are you Tough Enough to Try a Mudd Run?

  1. Anna on April 4, 2014 at 1:19 pm said:

    So jealous!!! This looks awesome and hard! The obstacles are crazy

  2. What a great race! Your daughter is adorable.
    I’ve never done one but have a friend who’s training for one in NH. They sound like a lot of fun.
    On another note, I’ve been enjoying reading your author’s blog. 🙂

    • Christine on April 4, 2014 at 1:42 pm said:

      What can i say, i just love you Marcia! Thank you, and grab a few friends and pick a race, you might love it, And think of all the memories!

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