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Exercise Plan to Show off your Sexy Abs by Next Summer!

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By Christine Ardigo MSRD

How to Create Abs to Die For

As promised in my post about Building Sexy Muscles, I now bring you tried and true ways to flatten that belly and build some cute Ab muscles.

FIRST! I must dispel a myth. Your Abs are like any other muscle, you cannot spot reduce them. That’s like saying if i do 500 Bicep curls on my right arm every day I will lose the fat there. Um, NO. Lifting weights will only result in building beautiful muscles, it does not magically strip the fat away in that area just because you’re exercising it.

THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN LOSE THE FAT IS BY LOSING WEIGHT. Click Here for meal plan and weight loss ideas.

photo (3)

Photo Courtesy of Billy Seeger

Is it Going to be Difficult?

Will you need to do 1,000 sit-ups without stopping?

Will you need to buy The Ab-Roller, The Ab-Coaster, and The Kruncher?

Will you need to work out your Abs 7 days a week?

No. No. No.

Again, your Abs are like every other muscle. You don’t need to work out your biceps every day, or do 1,000 bicep curls or buy a weird bicep machine to work them out, so why would you need to do that for your Abs?

1 Important Fact

Ever notice how ballerinas have beautiful muscular calves. How can that be? Are they doing seated calf presses at the gym? No. It’s all about stretching. They’re stretching that muscle, increasing it’s flexibility, and increasing its potential muscular development. Limited one dimensional Ab exercises do very little for you, especially if you’re not stretching them out. Multiple exercises, hitting every part from different angles, stretching, increasing the resistance, increasing your endurance, will get you what you want.

2 Things You Need to Increase 

  1. You need to increase your Endurance = How many reps you can do without fatiguing
  2. You need to increase your Stability/Muscular Strength = Can you contract your Abs and hold it for 1 minute? Can you hold a plank position for 2 minutes? Can you hold your legs up in front of you for 30 seconds? Can you do crunches on a decline bench with a weight in your hand?

3 Things You Need to Do

  1. You should do multiple types of exercises, not just one type (a crunch) over and over again
  2. Work out your obliques also, not just the front
  3. Work out your back muscles too, to support your front, and do lots stretching!

4 Important Points

  1. Get lots of sleep and rest those muscles in between workouts so they can rebuild
  2. Don’t use momentum. Don’t speed through them (that’s cheating). Slowly Up & Slowly Down
  3. Proper form is imperative. Concentrate on what you are doing
  4. Nutritious food and water will fuel your muscles to repair and build themselves into beautiful curves

fbJoe  & Me 2010


Once again, please talk to your doctor, chiropractor, physical therapist, orthopedist or psychic if you have a bad back or any medical conditions. I don’t need you hanging from your left toe or twisting if tyou have forty-seven herniated discs.


If you’ve never worked out your Abs before or have a bad back, you can start with light stretches, and moves such as these suggested in this article:

A bad back may actually be from a weak back or tight hamstrings   *Hamstring Stretch*

Many people recommend Yoga or Tai Chi but don’t try to do anything you’re not capable of just to show off.

Exercising on a Stability Ball is a great way to support your back too


If you’ve worked out before or have a decent back, perform exercises with your own body weight to start

Simple Crunch

Crunch on a Decline Board

Vertical Leg Raise

Hanging Leg Raise

Leg Raise on a Bench

Twisitng Crunch


Lying Hip Raise

Side Bend


Once your form is perfect and you’re no longer sore and you feel you need to kick it up a notch, you can start adding weights to your exercises for added resistance just like every other muscle you work out on your body. Want more definition? Use heavier weights.

Weighted Side Bends (I use 35lbs)

Decline Crunch with Weight/Plate (I use 35lbs)

Twisting Crunch (I balance myself on a bench for this one and do 50 without stopping)

Reverse Crunch on Bench (I do 15-20 reps of these)

V-Up with Weight (I do this holding a 25lb Plate in my hands but couldn’t find a video)

Hanging Leg Raises (You must lift your butt and hips high, otherwise you are just working out your thighs (Hip flexors)

Joe’s Extreme Moves

Abs Joe 2013

Try some of these extreme moves to get ripped Abs like Joe:

Dragon flags, Hanging leg raises off a pull-up bar ( I touch my toes to the bar), 3 minute planks, Ab wheel roll-outs, Kneeling cable pull downs with 180lbs, Dead lifts, Pull-ups and lots of L-seats. (Lowering my Body Fat to 8% made the biggest difference in my Abs appearance).

Last But Not Least

After all your wonderful Ab exercises, finish off with some Planks and Supermans to stretch that spine in the other direction!

Here’s am Amazing Book I just read. Great explanations and wonderful pictures with demonstrations on every page. From Beginner to Advanced:                                                Athletic Abs by Scott Cole & Tom Seabourne

How about you? What is your favorite Ab exercise? Will this be one of your goals for 2014?

I love hearing from you!

CHRISTINE ARDIGO – Author of Cheating to SurviveEvery Five Years & The Bridges Before Us

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I sincerely appreciate it:

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10 Thoughts on “Exercise Plan to Show off your Sexy Abs by Next Summer!

  1. This is why I like following your blog and FB page, you are so detailed and encouraging with your post. You write to the reader in terms they would understand from the beginner and upward. You continually shows way to help a person reach their goal. Sometimes I read post and loose interest before I even reach half but you always have me reading the entire post. maybe its because I want to eat and exercise better who knows but I know its always a benefit to me when I stop by your blog.

    • Christine on November 3, 2013 at 12:06 pm said:

      Thank you my biggest fan! I hope I do encourage you because i want so much for you to do well. The posts are long and detailed but i know some topics need a lot of explanation and it makes me so happy that you read until the end! Ha ha. I am a visual person too, so i love to show you guys what to do, and not just tell you. Love you girl, hope you are doing well! 🙂

  2. Second biggest fan here.

    I love your posts because they are equal parts well written, filled with practice advice and encouraging.

    Thanks again.

  3. Jennine on November 7, 2013 at 5:51 am said:

    If I have said this before I’ll say it again….I’m so fortunate to work with such motivating and inspiring women! We are constantly sharing ideas and pushing each other. This article is a great read and I hope people follow your advice. I have people come to me so often with the same problem. They work out every day but no results. When I find out what they’re eating, it’s no wonder! Thanks Christine!

    • Christine on November 7, 2013 at 7:06 am said:

      Thank you Jennine! I always say surround yourself with motivating supportive people.
      And THEY say “You become the 5 people you hang around with the most.”

  4. I personally like the ideas you have pointed out, Nice post.

  5. There are no doubt your tips and advice is amazing and helpful too but I want to thank you for the way you posted your article everything is detailed well-explained, excellent work.

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