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Finding Happiness is as Easy as Remembering a Childhood Dream

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By Christine Ardigo MSRD

Several months ago, I wrote a post on finding happiness (you can read it HERE). I asked you what really makes you happy. Not material objects, because they flitter away when the next shiny item comes along. But to find a passion you have or had at one point, some long distant desire that vanished.

One day on the radio, I listened to two DJ’s speak about doing something they always wanted to do, and more importantly, were they currently employed in a career that they had dreamed of when they were little?

At first, both DJ’s laughed and said “No way, I never saw myself doing this.” But then as they continued to talk, one of them suddenly had a recollection. It appeared out of no where. All of a sudden he remembered a photograph his mother took of him when he was six years old.

He used to play album after album on his record player and before the next song started, he would hold up a fake microphone to his mouth and announce each song before it began. He did it all the time. Like a real DJ on the radio. At six! He wondered if his passion buried itself deep within him, but then resurfaced and pushed him toward the career he had now.

It lit a spark in me.


I loved reading as a child, and looked forward to my father taking me to Barnes & Noble to buy a new book. At 10 years old, I was obsessed with Nancy Drew and collected over twenty books, devouring them in less than four hours, unable to wait for my next one.

In 6th grade I wrote two novels, part of The Linda Wells Mysteries. I wrote them in a spiral notebook complete with hand drawings.  It was then that I decided I wanted to write a real novel one day.



def (Gotta love my spelling!)

When I graduated high school though, the thought of majoring in English scared me. What would I do when I graduated? Sit home all day and write books? I was afraid and with no guidance I chose Nutrition as my major and received a Masters in Exercise Physiology. My two other loves.

Although I went on to lead a pretty fulfilling life, there was something missing, no real goal, no end point to reach for.

One boring Saturday evening in September, a year and a half ago, I sat in front of my computer and just decided to write. And write and write. It became an obsession. Something I buried away for years, had finally unleashed. It was my passion. Storytelling. Something I lost sight of as I traveled down my conveyor belt of a life.

It took over as my new obsession, leaving rock climbing and weight lifting in the dust. I found myself spending Friday & Saturday nights writing in my basement, alone. It’s all I wanted to do.

So here I am today, to let you know that I wrote 2 contemporary romance novels, and published them on Amazon,  with the hope that someone will love them as much as I loved writing them.



I hope you join me on my journey and follow me on my Author Website to learn more about my books, and meet the characters that took on a life of their own, and even get involved with some interesting conversations that surround my book like:

  1. Is it ever okay to cheat on your spouse?
  2. Did you, or anyone you know, stay married for much longer than you should have? Why?
  3. If divorced, what was the final breaking point?

And much more!

PS Update!  I have since published Book 3, The Bridges Before Us, and a Box Set with 3 full length novels. Enjoy!


What’s your passion? What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but put it on the back burner? Was there a dream you had that you did finally fulfill? What was it? Are you working in a job now that you love?

I love hearing from you!

The greatest compliment you can give me is when you share this with others.
I sincerely appreciate it:

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12 Thoughts on “Finding Happiness is as Easy as Remembering a Childhood Dream

  1. Lisa Devlin on March 22, 2014 at 7:50 am said:

    WOW! Good luck Christine! That is an amazing accomplishment. It was fun to look at your childhood writings. Best of luck to you. I too…loved Nancy Drew!
    p.s. the Hardy Boys too…Encylopedia Brown! LOL

    • Christine on March 22, 2014 at 7:56 am said:

      Thank you Lisa. I cant believe I still have that spiral notebook.
      I have a long way to go though.
      PS i loved all those mystery books too!

  2. Robin Blumstein on March 22, 2014 at 8:35 am said:

    Wow! So proud of you and can’t wait to read them. Please let me know when they are ready to be purchased. So excited for you. That’s truly awesome!

  3. Congratulations on your books! Sometimes if we focus and listen to our hearts it will lead straight to our dreams.

  4. What a wonderful post! My passion? You could have written it. Typing up stories, writing a neighborhood newspaper with a friend (who’s now a freelance writer) and reading tons of Nancy Drews and Trixie Beldon’s. Oh, and regular bike rides to the library. Not much has changed in my life. 🙂
    I’m looking forward to reading your new blog and your books!

    • Christine on March 22, 2014 at 9:16 pm said:

      Thanks Marcia. It’s been wonderful connecting with you. I love reading your blog. I cant wait to read your book too!
      (Can we go back to being kids?) 😛

  5. Looks like we had the same passion! Even down to the love of Nancy Drew novels. To be honest, I will still read those if I find one I’ve never read. 🙂
    Writing has been something that I’ve only been willing to acknowledge as my passion in the last couple of years. I also chose the more predicitable path when going to college and choosing my major, which was fine until I realized how unhappy I was going to be. (To bad I didn’t realize this BEFORE I graduated lol). But I now stay home with my daughter and work on my writing as much as I can. My novel is still in the beginning phase but I hope to get more done soon!

  6. My passion is telling stories and going on adventures. I really enjoyed this post and also the pictures! You have a great blog here. I will be back to read more.

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